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Über Izabelle Camille
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Über Izabel Camille


Izabel Camille Jewelry is proud to be a part of the Scandinavian design tradition which is know for high quality and simple beautiful designs. Founded by 2 women it has been the design idea to make beautiful and trendy jewelry to all women who dream about fashion jewelry to an affordable price.


The design expression of Izabel Camille is exclusive and sophisticated with a touch of simple elegance. The jewelry is inspired by the fantastic Scandinavian light, bright colours and classic geometric shapes and lines. The designer Kamille Vibekke Østergaard handdraws all the beautiful jewelry in her little sketchbook which she brings with her everywhere. The sketches form the basis of the further design development in collaboration with talented goldsmiths in Asia.



Izabel Camille jewelry is a universe with infinite combinations and opportunities to create a personal style by building and collecting Izabel Camille pendants, earrings and chains over time.

With 2 new collections a year which is designed to be a part of and together with previous collections, you can easily assemble few basic earrings and necklaces that can be renewed and combined with pendants from the new collections.

All jewelry collections are thought together as a whole which makes it possible to use previously purchased earrings and necklaces together with more than 150 pendants. At the same time it’s possible with only one chain in the jewelry box to create a necklace in varying lenght and with selected pendants according to mood, occasion and season.


Izabel Camille’s jewelry is created from the idea that a woman’s outer should match the inner. Jewelry isn’t just an accessory but a way to exude personality and femininity.



In fashion as well as in general, the time is for individuality so more women get their eyes on Izabel Camille's jewelry universe with the infinite number of possibilities that give the freedom to create a very personal style.

Izabel Camille was named in the Stock Exchange 2016 as Gazelle company 2016.

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